Thursday, May 30, 2013

I want to live in a van with you. No hobo.

We took a 4 day weekend to Smith Rock. All friends and food and music and no shirts and sun. And rain and cold and traffic. Nw vacation perfect.

Thursday - 5 hour drive to Portland to see friends from Richmond. homemade biscuits and good beer.

Friday - early easy drive to Smith. rock climbing. pretty cold at night. 

Saturday - Wake up early for 'Wherever I May Roam' 5p 5.9. Turns out it's on the shady side. Who knew? Naps, ice cream, climb easy climb harder, onsight a couple 11s to make me feel good. 

Sunday - rainy morning, go to Bend, Sigur Ros is here?! climb 2 routes, too crowded and no time, great show, and more great beer.

Monday - this rain's not going away, bail. 97 is so pretty in Oregon. Noodles, art and architecture at Maryhill. construction on Memorial Day on I-90! somehow Smith is never 6 hours away like it should be.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New camera, same people

Just another weekend in Leavenworth with the Seattle family.

Heat in his hot pants.

Randy Bandanny.





Kestler the bestler crag dog.


Some ant.

Some spring flowers.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Leavenworth Spring Cleaning

Leavenworth looks like this and I like that.

So we spent part of the day Saturday taking a break from climbing to help with the Icicle Creek Cleanup. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bishop Color

With the incredible weather, beauty of the area, and even the amount of people, this place brings together a group of motivated pleasant people. Other than the occasional outburst at Iron Man, there was never a large gathering of yelling shirtless dudes anywhere at the Buttermilks. It probably has something to do with the delicate footwork, high top-outs, and small gritty crimps. 

I've climbed on a lot of rock that is more solid, but I still don't know of anywhere that is better than Bishop. It's very easy to say this in retrospect though, with my ankles intact, and while I'm staring at a computer screen instead of shaking on some "easy" top-out. 

I made Patrick take a picture of me 'for Mom.' "Continuing boldly" -per the description, to the top of Grandma Peabody on the north face direct.

Stormy evenings, but nothing ever materialized near us. 

Buttermilks galaxies.

Patrick on the Hunk.

The wasteland that is the Happys. 

 Patrick on the cool fun arete next to the Hulk.

This may be my last roll of film for a little while. I finally sucked it up and bought my first digital camera.