Monday, August 13, 2012

Squamish w/Erich and Veronica 1

How much does a hipster weigh?

An instogram!

-courtesy of Veronica

The three of us went up to Squamish for 4 1/2 days, and crushed! And by crushed I mean we did some easy trad, lightweight bouldering, drank beers and somehow managed to get rained on twice despite a 0% chance of rain forecast. 

Day one:

We arrived Saturday evening after taking an extended drive due to traffic (why?!?!) and the fact that none of us has a smart phone so we got lost. Getting lost wasn't too bad though, we ended up cruisng through Vancouver, which is such a pretty city, and there were so many people out with all the nice weather. Then, after missing the last unsigned turn of the day, we found ourselves at the beach, and decided to go stick our feet in. People were out swimming, trying to pretend the water was warm, but it wasn't.

This is why Veronica HATES mosquitos. 

Erich on his first granite trad lead.

The next day we woke up to get an early start, not realizing it was one of Cananda's monthly 3 day weekends, and that everywhere would be packed. we were excited when we pulled into the Smoke Bluffs parking lot and saw Sonnie Trotter, until we got out to the crag and we realized he had set up top ropes for a learn to trad clinic on all of the routes we were psyched on. In Erich's words, "It sucks, but if you're going to get cockblocked it might as well be by Sonnie." He and his friend were actually super nice, and offered to let us top rope or pull their ropes, but it still got so crouded and then hot we only got two routes in before it got too hot. Still, great routes at the Octopus Wall, and we crushed 5.8. 

It was a scarier fall than it looked, but climbed awesome. We worked on some other things, but didn't get pics.

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