Friday, September 14, 2012

City Living Thoughts

Urban Food and Biking

I recently watched this video documenting the success of the bicycle network in Vancouver.

I moved to Seattle, frequently recognized as one of the more progressive cities in the United States, expecting this sort of forward thinking attitude and action. Seattle is no Dallas, but recently it has been cited frequently as falling behind in alternative transportation in comparison to many other North American cities. Vancouver is probably the only city in North America that is wetter and maybe colder than Seattle, yet they have achieved miles kilometers of separated bicycle lanes resulting in a safer and frequently used  network. Watch a view seconds of the video and think about how much every city would benefit from this sort of infrastructure.

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On the plus side, one of the coolest things I've heard of in a while, and it sounds like it will actually happen.

Beacon Hill Food Forest


The idea is simple and awesome. A food forest providing free to everyone produce, on 7 acres of Beacon Hill, is being planned and will hopefully arrive within the next few years. 

"People worried, ‘What if someone comes and takes all the blueberries?’ That could very well happen, but maybe someone needed those blueberries. We look at it this way—if we have none at the end of blueberry season, then it means we’re successful.' ”

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