Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boone for Thanksgiving

I only had a few days in town, but I wanted to climb as much as I could; because nowhere in the world is as good as Boone, when it's good...

Day 1: Matt D took me out to 221, this is one of the coolest looking rocks around. The wide angle shorten's it a bit, it's probably 15-18' tall depending on where you're standing.

I've always looked at this prow and wondered if anyone's climbed it. It looks like it goes, but it would be scary. And if a car comes at the wrong time you're either coming down or holding on for dear life.

The next day Erich took Patrick and me out to an area near Grandfather. 

Patrick almost got this cool V6, I didn't know he was that strong!

We did a couple cool lines, but the main goal was Erich's project which neither of us sent. 

My third and last day we took a trip to Grandmother and got on some stuff I'd never really been on. I finished two lines that were hard for me, that I'd never really been on before. 

Tilley on one of them.

And Erich looking strong but finishing weak on his project. Next time. 

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