Monday, August 12, 2013

Toad Brothers

I decided to blow all but 1.47 hours of my accumulated vacation to spend a week in Squamish with my friends from home as they celebrated our friends bachelor party. While we did eventually rally and spent an evening doing the bachelor party thing in Whistler
(luckily we didn't have to pay for any strippers because there was a beach party going on in some club and everyone was walking around way too close to naked for how chilly it was) most of the week was spent waking up early to climb and spending afternoons hanging out swimming at Murrin Lake. 

I don't know this guy, but everyone was here to watch him take this fall.

Brief climbing summary-I summited the Chief 3 times, each one being my new biggest climb. I camped in the woods and drank every day and loved it. I still can't climb Lounge Act V6. I still have yet to get on Exasperator even after walking up to it twice, but so far I think Seasoned in the Sun may be the best single pitch I've done in Squamish, and the hardest for me. It was just the best to have such an awesome week with my bro's from Boone and Seattle.  

Matt demonstrates good bouldering technique.

Erich and Ben run train. Except Erich fell off.

Veronica took this one, but at least I touched it in Photoshop. So creepy good.

I just get all exasperated looking at Seasoned in the Sun.

Some day I'll finish this thing. Maybe.

Thanks for the pictures too, Veronica.

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