Friday, September 13, 2013

To Smith from Seattle in 20 pictures

+ Bonus fotos.

After they closed the Seattle branch of my firm, I'm left with 30 days to find another job and to go have fun. So I worked on my portfolio, wasted time, went climbing, and then sprained my ankle. 

The drive from Seattle to Smith is about 6 hours via highway 97, which is way better than gambling and taking I5, because I5 will suck no matter what. And 97 is really pretty with almost no chance of traffic the whole way. Because there is nothing out there. But you get to see a ton of different climates in a short time. 

Standard view on I90, Subaru wagon.

The other standard view around Seattle. 

Apparently there is a Walmart out here somewhere, because these trucks were the most common I saw.

I do not recommend driving and taking pictures at the same time. 1, it is irresponsible. 2, even when you are really trying to pay attention, you may miss your turn because there is a hilarious sign that distracts you and you are trying to take a picture of it. These cowboys are looking awfully friendly with each other. 

I made it. At roughly one picture every 15 minutes, there was rarely a dull moment, even in the high desert.

Morning view from the bivy.

Night view from the bivy. I'm not completely sold that this is the place I want to live, but so far I think it beats everywhere else. Everyone is nice, the weather is great, and there is a ton of outdoor wealth around. Even my 25 year old friend bought a house 6 blocks from downtown, try doing that in Seattle. 

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