Monday, May 5, 2014

The summer of my content

The short of it: 
I'm setting myself up to be the owner of a small architecture firm as I finish up with my license over the next few months. If anyone needs any design work done, I'm the guy!

The long of it:
The past few weeks have been intense for me, and difficult to deal with. I finished cramming for my last untaken ARE, took a three day trip to Smith Rock, and have steadily been working 10-12 hour days on top of trying to get my life under control. The weather, climbing, and friends in central Oregon were fantastic. For work I have spent the last few weeks in the field cutting and removing a full double basketball court floor, and then careful demo of a condo for Creoworks' reuse. 

30 hours cutting & 2 days of moving into and out of trucks later.

Last Thursday I received all three scores from the tests I took this spring and threw a party for myself. 3 tequilas, 3 passes! I was so psyched, and still am.

Burritos and tequilas carnage.

The next day, I went in to work, was laid off, and returned home determined to go on a nice bike ride in the sun. Someone else decided they needed my mountain bike more than I did, and while looking around the basement I also discovered a package of mine that had been opened and discarded. As the only designer at the firm to receive a raise, I was the most expensive as well as the most interested in pursuing architecture instead of furniture design. The sum of it all is the freedom to pursue my own goals, and being unencumbered by an extra bicycle and helmet..

We already had plans to go to Leavenworth for the weekend, and I needed the getaway. Luckily for me my car didn't explode or succumb to any other karmic disaster, and I channeled the frustration and joy into sending an awesome rock climb that I had never been close to before. 

The people and places that inspire me. Just look at those boobs on that sleeping lady.

Here I am Monday morning trying to start pulling the right strings to get the next step of the adventure started. 

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