Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Leavenworth: Icicle Creek

I've been making the weekend pilgrimage to Leavenworth whenever possible, getting snowed on going over the pass in May and now getting to too hot for bouldering heat. The "campground" on Icicle Creek has been a great place to chill, within walking distance of tons of boulders, and just drink beer and hang out with other climbers and a few bikers.

Veronica and I spent all morning thrashing the woods trying to get to these 4 top rope routes down by the water at Muscle Beach. I wanted to find something cooler and not crowded, and succeeded, only to realize I can't climb hard on thin granite cracks and get shut down. On the far left side is a really cool but slightly sketchy deep? water solo.

A really cool 5.8 crack less than 50 feet from the campground/parking lot.

This is the trail to the Mad Meadows area.

And this is the coolest granite warm-up in the world. I didn't know granite could form huecos like this.

This are super easy fun holds that go up to these last two big pockets, and from then on its a V10 dyno.

This is the texture that leads to makes falling less acceptable and beer drinking more acceptable.

All kinds of flowers started cropping up. Probably not that cool, but they're all new to me.

I wish there was something for scale. This is the biggest dandelion I'd ever seen, 4 or 5 inches in diameter.

There was a fire a few years ago, you can see looking across Icicle Creek. There is all kinds of rock everywhere here!

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