Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Weener

We missed the Fremont festival to go to Leavenworth, but because the weather was looking bad for the weekend, decided to stay in Seattle and see the Pride festival. It is cool to see a big city come together for a big party of any type; add in a little Seattle flavor and it gets a little weird. Saturday the main party is up in my neighborhood of Capitol Hill, and Sunday it moves downtown for the parade and to Seattle Center. The sad part is how corporate the parade is. It lasts for several hours, and the great majority of the floats or paraders are advertising something completely unrelated to the festival, or handing out fliers for their company.

They shut down Broadway during the day, and across the street from my apartment was a drag show.

Down at the parade, your standard dancing boys and one girl on a truck.

Gay Sailors.

And your daily weener with a mask on a bike.

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